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The simple success secret of advanced, top-tier internet marketing: Present your products better than the top ten competitors, and YOU make the sale.

You can see a few examples on our Portfolio section here!

Video:Tell your potential client 3 believable reasons why he should stay on your site -- what makes you different, 3 reasons why he should buy from you, 3 reasons why he should buy now, and create an expectation of reward for sticking around.


The idea is to pull the visitor away from the search activity and create a sale at your site. If you increase your conversion rate from, say, typical retail conversion of 2.6% to 5%, you nearly DOUBLE your gross sales. Video can make your site the emotional favorite and help in traffic-to-sales conversion; it can pull the visitor from searching, and create a lifetime customer for you.

Website infomercials … think of it this way … producing a television infomercial costs between $150,000 to $750,000 … plus air time … wouldn't you agree that a mini infomercial running on your web site 365 days a year for less than a full page ad in a magazine is a good component in your marketing mix?


Customers are 3 times more likely to request further information in video/DVD format than in print. They'd rather watch than read—that's what made television so popular. 5 out of 6 people actually prefer to receive information in video format. 92% will keep the video/DVD and will not throw it out.

The Best Salesman: Harness the skills of your top performers —the people who really bring in the bulk of the business. Harness and clone their sales skills into training videos. You've captured their charisma -- they continue to boost your business even when they decide to retire. Create a training video showing your top salesman's techniques that can be put on your website for quick 24/7 review! If you choose, videos can be password protected.

Real Estate Enhancement: Are you a realtor? Give your clients the edge they need to make the sale with video tours that are a head of the classs above virtual tours. For a sample of our video tours


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