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Our latest contribution to cinema

Heartstrings takes Double Awards at SAICFF!

Here is a quote from our Friend John Moore:

"The Rivera family: Juan Rivera is a name no doubt familiar to many of you, as the head of Reaching The Globe productions. He and his family were here in Dallas, all the way from San Antonio, for over two weeks. Daniel served as grip, cameraman, and rough editor at different points in the production, while his Father did everything from second unit directing, shuttling, camera operations, basic grip, key grip.... You name it, he did it. Raquel provided us with several hundred behind the scenes photos; many of which you shall soon see on this blog! God Bless you Juan, and your wonderful family. I look forward to seeing you all at the film festival!"

Well, folks here is where you can get the DVD: Click here to purchase DVD and pay special attention to the reviews... It was well worth the labor of love!
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