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Our Method

Our focus is keeping any project design process simple and follow a logical four-step formula to create each of our sites. We call it the Four D's...

Step One: Discover
Before we do anything, we need to understand your likes, dislikes and expectations. It's critical for us to get to know you, so we can meet your needs and goals. We review your answers to focused questionnaires and guide you through brainstorming discussions.

Step Two: Design
Our team of designers now go to work creating the look and layout of your Website. Feedback is an essential component of the design stage, and we ask for your thoughts on each of the colors, pictures and visual elements that make up your initial design.

Step Three: Develop
Here, we program, code and configure your site to make sure it's user-friendly and has the technical infrastructure to support its outer shell. We enable all of your internal links and implement all customized back-end features such as eCommerce tools.

Step Four: Deploy
Your Website is almost ready to go live. But before we launch your site, we put it through a series of tests to ensure it loads properly on various Web browsers and functions according to your specifications. After your site has passed our tests, it's released to you and uploaded to your host. Our work is officially done, and you're now live on the Web.

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